Xəbər arxivi
22 October, 2013
Museum issued catalogue devoted to Aziz Aliyev

Aziz Aliyev National Museum of History of Azerbaijan published a catalogue devoted to eminent public and political figure, talented scholar Aziz Mammadkarim oghlu  Aliyev (1897-1972),  including his life and activity. It should be noted, that museum funds contain A. Aliyev’s numerous historical documents and exhibits.  In 1978 his son Tamerlan Aliyev presented to museum A.Aliyev’s belongings which are stored and investigated among other valuable materials of history of Azerbaijan of the XX century. 

Catalogue deals with A. Aliyev’s   brief biography as well as describes over 60 exhibits regarding   his life and activity and the role of the reviewed exhibits in research of unknown part from biography of the prominent figure. Besides detailed information about all exhibits for visitors there are presented the photos as well. Scientific editor of the catalogues is acad. Naila Valikhanli and the text is prepared by PhD Sabukhi Akhmadov. The catalogue has been published both in Azerbaijan and English languages. The museum will host a presentation of catalog shortly.