Xəbər arxivi
08 November, 2013
Extracurricular lesson “Present and Past of the city Baku” is held at museum

Extracurricular lesson titled  “Present and Past of the city Baku”  has been held at National Museum of History of Azerbaijan.

The extracurricular lesson has been organized by assistance of the chairman of Azerbaijan Social Association of Historians Namiq Rustamov together with pupils from private school UNISER. This time to participate at the extracurricular lesson has been invited Samir Suleymanov. It should be noted, that invited guest collects photographs and pictures of Baku city which represent  historical value.

At the extracurricular lesson the schoolchildren  were familiarized with history of Baku,  including Baku in late XIX and early XX centuries.

Photographs of soviet period as well as ones which demonstrate prompt development of Baku were shown afterwards.

A great interest of pupils was caused  by  display of slide-film with photos  with view of present and past of the city Baku. At the end of the lesson the photographs of past and present view of Baku city were distributed among schoolchildren.