Xəbər arxivi
08 November, 2013
Extracurricular lesson on photography history is held at museum

At  National Museum  of  History  of Azerbaijan has been held  extracurricular lesson devoted to an interesting pages of Azerbaijan history.

By assistance of the chairman of Azerbaijan Social Association of Historians Namiq Rustamov together with pupils from private school UNISER has been organized lesson. At the  extracurricular lesson  dealt with Alexandr  Mishon who was  the  first  Azerbaijan photographer and  one of the founder of Azerbaijan filming art cinematography. Director of German Cultural Center Tamara Gumbatova  who  is  familiar with  A.Mishon’s life and activity  gave extended information  about him to schoolchildren.

During extracurricular lesson on the screen was displayed  Mishon’s photographs  as well as  fragments  from  movies  “Fire on Bibi-Heybat”  and  “Oil  fountain in Balakhani” which established Azerbaijan cinematography.

At the end of exctracurrialr lesson among schoolchildren were distributed   Mishon’s photographs and  publications on his life.