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Alphabet Baku, Science and Education, 2020, 71 p.

The book "Alphabet" differs from the traditional "Alphabet", which you have seen before. We think that this book, which will be interesting not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults, opens the mysterious doors of the rich treasurer of the National Historical Museum of Azerbaijan, introduces you to the spiritual and material history. culture of Azerbaijan. Maybe you forgot the ancient names of many of these interesting things, or they may seem strange to you in general.

The title of the book is not accidental. Every page of it will inform you about different things used in the life of our people, and remind you of their names, who have already left our language and often become anachronistic.

Kitab haqqında
Məhfuzə Zeynalova. Elmi redaktor: akademik Nailə Vəlixanlı