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Maestro Niyazi
Maestro Niyazi

Maestro Niyazi. Catalog. Baku, "Elm", 2012, 126 p.

The catalog dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani composer and conductor Niyazi is the first important step in this direction.

Maestro Niyazi's awards, documents, photographs, personal belongings were donated by his wife Hajar khanum to the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan and organized a memorial collection. The collection consists of 273 storage units and, depending on the nature, is stored in four funds of the Museum.

The Maestro Niyazi catalog consists of an introduction, photographs of exhibits depicting the life of a great musician and public figure, and four sections. Each section corresponds to the background in which the collection is stored. All the materials that make up the souvenir collection are listed in the catalog with the total number and the number of inventory storage for each.


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Maestro Niyazi
Zərifə Dulayeva, Elmi redaktor: akademik Nailə Vəlixanlı