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Defense weapons of Azerbaijan
Defense weapons of Azerbaijan

Defense weapons of Azerbaijan. Catalog, Baku, 2012. 80 p.

Among the weapons protected in the Museum's Weapons and Flags Fund, the majority are weapons produced in Azerbaijan.

Their research facilitates the identification of previously unknown aspects of Azerbaijani martial arts and craftsmanship, their introduction into scientific circulation, and their presentation to the general public. The presented catalog includes defense weapons protected by the Arms and Flags Fund.

The catalog contains information on various types of defense weapons such as shields, helmets, mirrors, armor, armor, legs. The inventory number, repair material, and cycle of each weapon sample are indicated. High-quality photographs of weapons allow you to study their artistic design down to the smallest detail. The catalog is published in Azerbaijani and English languages.

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Defense weapons of Azerbaijan
Sevinc Vahabova. Elmi redaktor: akademik Nailə Vəlixanlı