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Carpet “January 20”
Carpet “January 20”

In the Museum’s collection, there is a carpet weaved by a sketch of the painter Fakhraddin Aliyev. The carpet is one of the valuable items which refer to the horrors of the Black January night. On the carpet there are different scenes from the massacres committed against people of Northern and Southern Azerbaijan, i.e., a screaming woman covered with a black kerchief, security wire separating two parts of Azerbaijan, noosed men. Fringes of the carped are decorated with several small and large medallions with couplets from “Heydarbabaya salam” (Hello to Heydarbaba mountain) – the poem by great Azerbaijani poet Mahammadhuseyn Shahriyar. In the middle of the carpet there is a title “January 20, 1990”.

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Carpet “January 20”
1990-cı il
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EF 9073