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Flag of Baku Khanate
Flag of Baku Khanate

Among valuable exhibits preserved at the Museum’s Weapons and Flags Fund, there are the flag of the Baku Khanate and the silver keys to the gates of Baku. The rectangular flag has the dimensions of 220 x 122 cm and is made from light-raspberry and lightgreen moire fabric. On the flag’s field there are differently sized and shaped ornaments and inscriptions. There are also traces of faded gold threads on the flag’s calico that is decorated with multi-colour threads. On the field, there are the pictures of crescents with Arabic verses of the Qur’an embroidered in their centres with dark-raspberry threads. The lining is inverted with all the patterns woven on surface.

Information about the exhibit
Flag of Baku Khanate
220 x 122 sm
Inventory number:
SBF 455