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Lower Jaw of Azykhantrop
Lower Jaw of Azykhantrop

It happened in June 1968, when Palaeolithic archaeological expedition led by Mammadali Huseynov had discovered an early man’s jawbone during investigation from the 4th horizon of the site’s 5th cultural layer which corresponded to the Acheulian industry. The lower jaw’s owner was conventionally named “Azykhantrop”. Nowadays, the jawbone is kept in the special fund of the Museum, while its’ replica is exhibited in the showroom. The finding has been studied by Azerbaijani palaeontologist Damir Hajiyev and anthropologist Rabiyya Gasimova. It was concluded that it’s a well preserved right side of an early man’s mandible, consisting of completely petrified and partly discoloured body, as well as good preserved mandibular foramen with three molars.

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Lower Jaw of Azykhantrop
Alt paleolit
Azıx mağarası (Xocavənd rayonu)
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