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Female Figure
Female Figure

In the scientists’ opinion, the figures of mother goddesses worshiped by the ancient people as personifications of fertility and motherhood. In 1967-68, an interesting clay figure of this kind was discovered on Garghalartapasi site (Gazakh) by archaeologist Ideal Narimanov. The figure represents a female with no head and arms, sitting on Fowler’s position with joined legs. The female’s neck is decorated with wavy lines reminding of tresses. Scholars content the figure symbolizes a woman who let her hair down in a pray for rainfall. The figure is 2.3 cm tall, 1 cm wide and 4.8 cm long.

Information about the exhibit
Female Figure
Neolit dövrü
Qarğalar təpəsi (Qazax)
Hündürlüyü 2,3 sm, eni 1 sm, uzunluğu 4,8 sm-dir
Inventory number:
AF 24261