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Glazed potter with inscription
Glazed potter with inscription

Numerous artistic ceramics that are preserved in the Museum’s collections, are distinguished for their beauty and richness. Among these artefacts, there are beautifully painted glazed pots, which tell a lot about handicraft traditions, cultural and trade relations, religious and philosophical views of the XI-XII century Azerbaijan. According to the unanimous opinion of specialists, such a variety and richness of methods and topics of the used decorations haven’t been encountered in any of the neighboring countries. Among the most valuable archaeological findings to illustrate professionalism and artistic skills of the potters, there is an interesting set of ceramics discovered during archaeological excavations in Orangala site – ruins of the medieval city of Beylagan. Found by archaeologist Gara Ahmadov in 1960, the exhibited glazed plate is made from the recolored clay, coated in white and brown glaze and decorated with floral ornaments painted over a whitish background in the center. Especially valuable is the name “Badal” –name of the potter painted in Arabic alphabet in the plate’s central segment. The artifact has a height of 7.5 cm, mouth diameter of 28.5 cm and basement diameter of 9.5 cm.

Information about the exhibit
Glazed potter with inscription
XI-XII əsrlər
Hündürlüyü 7,5 sm, ağız diametri 28,5 sm, oturacaq diametri 9,5 sm-dir.
Inventory number:
AF 15800