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Astronomical device. Usturlab
Astronomical device. Usturlab

In the Museum’s exposition dedicated to the science and culture of Medieval Azerbaijan, there are different rare manuscripts preserved in the Fund of Documentary Sources. Also, there are finely decorated pens and pencils which had been used in the schools and madrasas of that period, as well as astronomical usturlabs and quadrants.

Preserved in the Arms and Flags Fund of the Museum, the bronze usturlab is decorated with floral ornaments and has symbols of 12 Zodiacal constellations. First invented by the ancient Greeks, this astronomical device was further improved by the Muslim scientists, who used it not only for determining the exact time and the length of the day and the night, but also for making different mathematical calculations, compiling star charts and obtaining other astrological information.

Information about the exhibit
Astronomical device. Usturlab
IX-XIV əsrlər
Inventory number:
SBF 2798