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Sceptre of Ibrahimkhalil khan
Sceptre of Ibrahimkhalil khan

In the various funds of the Museum, there is rich material preserved from the period of Garabagh khanate. This collection is very important for studying the statehood traditions as well as the material and cultural heritage of the region. colourful Garabagh carpets, beautiful handicrafts and clothes of the poetess Khurshid Banu Natavan (Mehdigulu khan’s daughter), as well as highly artistic saddles embroidered with gold threads and other valuable artefacts are among the pearls of the Museum’s Ethnographic Fund. Other valuable showpieces of the collection are the “Panahabadis” - silver coins kept in the Numismatics Fund, commemorative copy of the medal awarded to Mahammad Hasan Agha and kept in the Auxiliary Materials Fund, as well as the flag presented to Mehdigulu khan, the key to Shusha fortress and the Ibrahimkhalil khan’s sceptre, all stored in the Weapons and Flags Fund.

67 cm-long steel sceptre of Ibrahimkhalil khan is finely decorated with gold-plated floral ornaments. It has flat, almond kernel shaped feathers. Surface of the iron support is divided into three large strips. Each component is decorated with six sequential rows of goldplated floral ornaments.

Information about the exhibit
Sceptre of Ibrahimkhalil khan
Uzunluğu 67 sm.
Inventory number:
SBF 704