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Bridal Headpiece. Crown
Bridal Headpiece. Crown

In the late XIX century, Azerbaijani goldsmiths had been negatively affected by the development of jewellery factories in Russia, industrialization of the sector and growing shortage of raw materials. However, products of local jewellers continued to be preferred by the customers for their superior quality, elegance and special national charm. Perfect artistic taste and high skills of the local jewellers is demonstrated by a number of items preserved in the Special Fund of the National History Museum of Azerbaijan. One of the most valuable artefacts is the late XIX century crown-shaped bridal headdress. Made of a gold-plated silver and decorated with glass stones, the crown weighs 996 grams.

Information about the exhibit
Bridal Headpiece. Crown
XIX əsrin sonları
Çəkisi 996 qramdır
Inventory number:
XF 582