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“Elisabethpol Battle”
“Elisabethpol Battle”

In order to perpetuate memory of the victorious Yelizavetpol battle which had become a turning point of the 1826-1828 War, the government of the Russian Empire contracted famous Russian painter Franz Roubaud (1856-1928) to picture the battle on a canvas. In fulfillment of the contract, F. Roubaud had visited the battlefield and studied the battle’s details and came up with a magnificent oeuvre depicting a capstone of the battle – all-out attack of the Russian cavalry against the Qajar’s infantry. The painter used a rich palette of colors to visualize fury and horror of the battle and courage of the fighters. The oil-paining “Yelizavetpol battle on September 13, 1826” had been finalized in 1887 and manifested in the exhibition of the Munich Artist’s Association. Primarily kept in the Military Historical Museum of Tbilisi, the painting was passed to Azerbaijan Historical Museum in the 1920s.

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“Elisabethpol Battle”
1887-ci il
250 x 360 sm.
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TMF 157