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Pot from Halaf
Pot from Halaf

In 1962, archaeologist Osman Habibullayev discovered an example of painted earthenware, which served as material evidence of the relations between tribes of the Southern Caucasus and the Halaf archaeological culture. The finely worked artifact is made from clay with addition of sand. Its surface is painted dark-brown inclined lines and dots. The item has a height of 10 cm, mouth diameter of 9 cm, and basement diameter of 5 cm. Prepared very delicately by using techniques that were more advanced than the traditional ones, the pot was apparently made for magical purposes.

Information about the exhibit
Pot from Halaf
e.ə.V minillik
I Kültəpə (Naxçıvan)
Hündürlüyü 10 sm, ağız diametri 9 sm, oturacaq diametri 5 sm-dir.
Inventory number:
AF 23852