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Deer-shaped Tug
Deer-shaped Tug

Commonly respected as symbols of power, tugs have been just as much popular among ancient tribes, too. Tugs of the Bronze Age were discovered in Garajamirli kurgan in Shamkir and on several other locations in Azerbaijan. The tug from Garajamirli has been discovered in 1989 by archaeologist Munavvar Huseynova. Produced through casting, the tug consists of two parts. The top component is shaped in the form of a deer figure, and the bottom component is supplied with a ring. The tug has a height of 31 cm, width of 6.5 cm, length of 12.7 cm and diameter of 11.8 cm.

Information about the exhibit
Deer-shaped Tug
Orta tunc dövrü
Qaracəmirli (Şəmkir)
Hündürlüyü 31 sm, eni 6,5 sm, uzunluğu 12,7 sm, diametri 11,8 sm-dir.
Inventory number:
AF 21644