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Painted Pitcher
Painted Pitcher

One of those rare artefacts is a polychrome pitcher found in 1936 by archaeologist-ethnographer Alasgar Alakbarov on Shahtakhti necropolis in Nakhchivan. The pitcher’s surface is divided into three stripes decorated with animal and bird paintings. On the upper stripe there are lined up different-size pictures of birds. The wider medium stripe is divided into two components by vertical geometric ornament. The first component is decorated with pictures of goats attacked by the wolves, as well as various other animals and birds. The second stripe has pictures of wild asses or horses. The third stripe is decorated by a chained rhombical ornament. The pitcher has the height of 47 cm, body diameter of 48 cm, mouth diameter of 19.5 cm, and basement diameter of 17 cm. Exhibited at the Museum since the very year of its’ discovery, the artefact is worthily regarded as brilliant example of the artistic imagination of Middle Bronze Age people.

Information about the exhibit
Painted Pitcher
Orta tunc dövrü
Şahtaxtı (Naxçıvan)
Hündürlüyü 47 sm, gövdəsinin diametri 48 sm, ağız diametri 19,5 sm, oturacaq diametri 17 sm.
Inventory number:
AF 1576