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Decorated Pitcher
Decorated Pitcher

In order to better understand faiths and beliefs of the Middle Bronze Age people, we offer you to take a look at one of the Museum’s permanent showpieces, known as “Garajamirli pitcher”. Distinguished among many other unique examples of prehistorical arts, the pitcher has been discovered in 1989 by archaeologist Munavvar Huseynova on Garajamirli kurgan in Shamkir district. Supposedly intended for ritual and ceremonial use, the pitcher is richly decorated with pictures which elucidate religious beliefs, philosophical worldview and mental world of the area’s inhabitants. The pitcher was delicately handmade from a clay which became blackish after firing. It has a flat basement and, spherical body, thick-lipped mouth, short neck and scraped outer surface. Alongside with the period’s popular geometric ornaments, the pitcher surface is decorated with the following pictures that characterize the tribe’s world outlook: deer horn symbolizing the power, swastika symbolizing the Sun, the wheel symbolizing the eternity, and spiral lines symbolizing immortality and meaning eternity of the time. The artefact has a height of 34 cm, mouth diameter of 20.3 cm, body diameter of 40.5 cm. It’s also very interesting in terms of understanding skills and virtuosity of the period’s potters.

Information about the exhibit
Decorated Pitcher
Orta tunc dövrü
Qaracəmirli (Şəmkir)
Hündürlüyü 34 sm, ağız diametri 20,3 sm, gövdə hissəsinin diametri 40,5 sm.
Inventory number:
AF 21647