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The Holy Qur’an
The Holy Qur’an

Among various copies of the Quran preserved in the Museum’s collection, one rare copy kept in the Special Fund is distinguished by its’ artistic qualities and historical value. 13 × 9.5 cm Qur’an has aureate pages and is stored in a silver box. Both sides of the box are decorated with scratched floral ornaments and hexagonal stars in the centre. The top surface is additionally decorated with 90 pieces of coral and 11 pieces of turquoise (the latter have been preserved fragmentarily). The handle of the box is made from the gold lace, the mouth is locked by a twin silver chain by a “hangama” method. Another silver chain is attached to the box’s bottom, where it is decorated with corals in the form of the moon and star shaped pendants.

Information about the exhibit
The Holy Qur’an
XIX əsrin sonları
13×9,5 sm
Inventory number:
XF 304