Exhibitions and events
29 April, 2021
Photographic exhibition “State terrorism of Armenia through the lens of Azerbaijani photographers”

 On April 29, a photographic exhibition “State terrorism of Armenia through the lens of Azerbaijani photographers” will be opened at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the photographic exhibition has been prepared in the framework of the exhibition “Karabakh is always mother to dreams” (“Anadir arzulara her zaman Qarabagh”) dedicated to 44-day Patriotic War. Just above 50 photographs taken by Elgun Ganjimsoy, Aziz Karimov, Famil Mahmudbayli, Ilkin Salifov, Maya Baghirova, Mirnaib Hasanoghlu, Vali Shukurzade are demonstrated at the photographic exhibition. Chairman of Azerbaijan Photographers Union, well-known photographer Mirnaib Hasanoghlu assisted the Museum in collecting the photographs. Demonstration of several photographs together with remnants of weapons, fragments of missiles and shells presented by Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan completes the photographic exhibition. The photographic exhibition consists of two parts. The photographs reflecting the consequences of disaster and destruction caused by rockets and missiles thrown to Azerbaijani cities and villages by Armenian army on 27 September-10 November are on display in the first part. Military and political leadership of Armenia that was exposed to defeat on the front turned a hand to the favorite weapon of Armenian extreme nationalists - a terror. Thus, it was once again confirmed that Armenia is a country which has made terror the element of its state policy. Nobody will be indifferent to the works of photographers shooting the military crimes of Armenia in Ganja, Barda, Tartar, Aghdam and other areas. In the second part, some of works of Azerbaijani photographers, who has been to the liberated lands, witnessed Armenian terrorism, imbedded it in history with their cameras, are exhibited. Photographs taken in the course of battles or right after operations are undeniable historical sources. The main objective of organizing the photographic exhibition is to draw the attention of the Republic’s public and foreign guests to the historical importance of photographs. The works displayed at the photographic exhibition will be included in the Fund of Documentary Sources of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan and be preserved as a permanent exhibit. Viewing the photographic exhibition will be organized in accordance with the quarantine rules. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.