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09 February, 2021

The establishment of the Club is derived from the intention of perpetuating the

tradition by continuing the work that was commenced by the clubs operated in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan in the second half of the last century. Thus, the Director of Azerbaijan Historical Museum Saleh Gaziyev brought forward the idea to found the club “Young archaeologists” under the school department of the Museum in 1948. The main pupose of the club, which began to function under the leadership of Research Scientist of Archaeological Fund Tamara Golubkina in the same year, was to visually introduce the schoolchildren with the material culture on the basis of individual collections, of which the items were obtained from various sources, to show research methods of archaeological excavations and investigations. At the beginning of 1970s, the club “Red carnation” took this mission over. Even in modern times, one of the necessary fields of activity of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan is to promote our history, including our archaeological heritage among the representatives of young generation. In this regard, one of the main demands of modern time is making use of previous experiences in this direction and ensuring the sustainability of obtained achievements. It was decided to establish “Archeo Club” under the Museum as a real successor of the above-mentioned club. The priorities of the State Program “Azerbaijan Youth in 2017-2021” such as the involvement of more young people to intellectual activity, the creation of the environment of sound and scientific competitiveness among them, their enlightenment on national-cultural heritage and history of Azerbaijan and making good use of leisure time and other issues were taken as the basis while establishing the Club. In this respect, the decision has been made to set up the enlightening Club that will promote our national history and culture especially our archaeological heritage among the young generation. The presentation ceremony of the newly established Archeo Club was held in the ANAS National Museum of History of Azerbaijan on 25 January 2019. At the event with the participation of the Museum directorate, employees of Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the ANAS, administration and students of the Department of History and Archaeology of Khazar University and teachers and pupils of Technical-Humanitarian Lyceum № 2, the Director of the Museum, Academician Naila Valikhanli spoke about the

importance of studying profoundly our history, cultural heritage and wished the Club good luck in its activity. The primary aim of the Club is to make secondary school students and other representatives of young generation cherish the national and spiritual values dearly, to deepen their knowledge on ancient history and rich culture of our nation, to instill the ability such as protecting and studying archaeological heritage as well as to expand their understanding of our monuments and material culture. The chief of “Archeo Club” is the Head of the Fund of Documentary Sources of the NMHA Esmira Rahimova.