Xəbər arxivi
15 February, 2010
“The second life of museum pieces”

As it is informed, the first believed museum ANAS, National History Museum of Azerbaijan is 90 years old this year. For this reason a lot of ceremonies are intended to be held by the administration of the museum.


 The museum started it with the exhibition of “Submarine archeology-40 years” and continued it with the exhibition of “The second life of museum pieces” (Restored museum pieces) and “The problems of museums in preservation of cultural heritage.”

After acquaintance of the exhibition organized in the exhibition salon of the museum, scientific seminar was held with the participations of museum employees came from various regions of the republic.

The director of ANAS, National History Museum of Azerbaijan, the vice-president of ANAS, academician Naila Valikhanly opened the seminar and noted that the name of the organized exhibition in not occasional. “The name of the exhibition is not occasional. Every exhibit presented here has been restored and has had their second life.”Nalia Valikhanly noted that the oldest exhibit of the museum is nearly 30-35 million years old. She said that the seminar is held in the frame of report. She also noted what work has been done for the preservation, conservation, restoration of the museum and purchase of the exhibits. The academician noted that 2000 new exhibits were purchased by the allocated investment of the Fund of reserve of President and Cabinet of Ministers. But before, because of the lack of money these exhibits were carried abroad. Naila Valikhanly said that appropriate to the order of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev the restoration, reconstruction, preservation and restoration of exhibits must be completed for five years (2009-2014). But the problems are not only these ones. By all of these museums must be computerized and join to the internet.”

All things obtained during archeological excavations from 1920 to 1960 are preserved in the National History Museum of Azerbaijan, but jewels found during excavations haven’t been rendered to museum. They are stored in the local museum and that worries us.

The other problem is that in some museums patterns are located not right and their chronology is mixed. We applied for the electronic catalogue to related organizations for three years but they haven’t solved this question yet. The other discussed problem was the restorer-painters’ going on holiday and the problems restoring of exhibits made of fabric materials.

Then Deputy Director on affairs of museum fund Mahfuza Zeynalova attended in the seminar and noted that it was not easy to preserve the exhibits which were 300 thousand years old. “The restoration in the museum began in 2005 and nearly 800 exhibits could be restored.”

The chief of the department of Archeology Scientific Fund, candidate of history sciences,  Fariz Khalili  noted the problems of the museums. “discrepancy in the museum buildings, lack of air conditioner, showcases  in the building and presentation of exhibits in the form podium,  not specialist employees, existing social problems etc..

The electron documentation of the cultural heritage is inevitable question of the modern world. As archeological materials are the major element of the cultural heritage, it is important to establish their information base and electron documentation.

National History Museum of Azerbaijan launched to prepare special passport-program of archeological fund for eliminating these problems. Electron-passports of more than 3000 archeological materials were established in the National History Museum of Azerbaijan. Museum employees are going to install passport-program in internet these days.

At the end of the seminar, participants decided to apply to the President of Azerbaijan and Cabinet of Ministers for these problems.