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08 October, 2011
International scientific symposium dedicated to the 110th anniversary on establishment of the first secular female school in the Muslim East held in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

    On October 6-7, 2011 in the National Museum of   History of Azerbaijan was held scientific symposium dedicated to the 110th   anniversary of   establishing the first secular school for girls in the Muslim East. Director of the museum, academician Nailya Valikhanly opening the symposium   congratulated the participants and invited guests with the remarkable day.

She commented   the efforts of prominent philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev who started with the personal donation to the opening of school in   1901.   Known as “Taghiyev’s school” among people the first female school in Baku, director acquainted participants with information about the history of school and noted that establishing of this educational centre was an important event in history of Azerbaijan enlightenment.











     Afterwards president of ANAS, academician Makhmud Kerimov including  chairman of State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic Hijran Huseynova, director of  Baku secondary school №123 named after H.Z. Taghiyev Rasima Kerimova,  a well-known public figure of the XX century Ibrahim bey Heydarov’s granddaughter  living in Turkey Mina Tansel  and  leader of  business women’s club “Harmony” Tatyana Melnichuk from National University   of  Bio-resources and Nature of  Ukraine Republic welcomed participants  with warm words  emphasizing the importance of the symposium.

By the lecturers have been pointed out that nowadays charity traditions are continued.

    Scientists and researchers working in the country's science and educational institutions attended the symposium, as well as representatives of Tahran University of Turkey, the National University of Bio-resources and Nature of Ukraine Republic, National University  of  Eastern Ukraine named after V. Dal, Tbilisi State University named after I. Javakhashvili, Dagestan State University are continued its work in sections.

    In the arranged sections have been delivered lectures on different aspects   “Role of woman in socio-political and cultural life: history and present situation” and “History of female education: experience of the East and the West” including lectures on school-leavers of Taghiyev’s school which had an influence upon activity of Azerbaijani women, present women’s policy, socio-political of women from European and Asian countries, influence on social, economic and cultural life, gender problems,  good progress and  achievements in female education,  effect of illiteracy  problem  on  women  in a family, charity traditions in society and other reports related to the subject.

        Discussions of sectional sessions have been interesting and instructive.

 Within the bounds  of cultural program  the  foreign guests  visited the  tomb  of  Taghiyev  in Mardakyan,  his memorial museum , a building  of  former female school and  a  former school for   gardening    (at present secondary  school № 123). Afterwards collected abstracts and   memorable gifts have been presented to the participants of symposium.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Aygun Mammadova


Junior research worker of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan