International relations
14 September, 2021
The activity of Azim Azimzade as a scientific research topic

The article named “The activity of Azim Azimzade as a scientific research topic” by PhD in architecture, associate professor, the head of the Fund of Description Materials of the National Museum of Azerbaijan of ANAS Nardane Yusifova  was published in Academic Social Research journal of Turkey (August 2021, s.152-159). Satiric works of the graphic painter Azim Azimzade, who had a specific role in the creation and development of Azerbaijan caricature were investigated in the article. The aim is to study Azimzade`s special approach in the terms of spatial thinking, his contributions to Azerbaijan art and his color world on the basis of scientific-logical-geometric rules.

Note that, N. Yusifova is a member of the editorial staff of the Academic Research journal of Turkey.