Important events
15 September, 2021
15 September- Liberation Day of Baku

Today, 15 September, is one of the most memorable and glorious days in the history of Azerbaijan. The history of this day officially mentioned as Liberation Day in historical sources has irreplaceable importance for our country. On 15 September 1918, the city of Baku was liberated from Armenian-Russian forces as a result of heroism of Caucasian Islamic Army consisting of Azerbaijani and Ottoman officers and soldiers. On that day Baku became the permanent capital of young Republic of Azerbaijan. Two days later national government was moved from Ganja to Baku. The liberation of Baku is a great occasion of exceptional significance in friendship and brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Although it was intentionally tried to make the nation forget the importance of this event during Soviet period, people kept Turkish soldiers’ heroism alive in their heart and never forgot them. The Order of Medjidie concerning AH 1268 is preserved in the Fund of Auxiliary historical materials of the ANAS National Museum of History of Azerbaijan (diameter 60 mm, length 95 mm). There is a pentagonal star and a crescent on the upper part of the silver order in the shape of the Sun, a crescent and stars on each point of the heptagonal star on its lower part and golden inscriptions in Arabic - “happiness”, “zeal”, “power” and “1268” were engraved on the circle of red enamel in the center (the Order was instituted in AD 1851 during the reign of Ottoman sultan Abdulmejid). There is a description of Ottoman tughra in the circle and inscriptions in the crescent on the back of the Order. It’s known that Caucasian Islamic Army was formed in 1918 in order to render military assistance to Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. As there were not any awards in Azerbaijan at that time, Azerbaijani soldiers were also awarded orders and medals of the Ottoman state. At present there are documents with data about awards of Azerbaijani soldiers in military archives of the Republic of Turkey.