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28 February, 2013
Azerbaijani science faced with heavy loss

Oqtay Efendiyev Corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Oqtay Efendiyev has died. Oqtay Abdulkarim oglu Efendiyev was born in Baku on March 26, 1926. 

Graduating Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies O.Efendiyev had investigated political, social and economic history of Safavids (Gizilbashlar) state. He had revealed leading role of Azerbaijan turks in the development of this state on the basis of various Persian chronicles and documents for the first time.Thus, it was proved that, Safavi state wasn’t “The Iranian state”. O.Efendiyev had studied a number of manuscript sources of XV-XVI century for the first time, determined that, “Iraninan Don Juan” Orujbey Bayat was Azerbaijani turk and had published his work in Russian. He was one of the authors and responsible editors in chief of the third volume (XII-XVIII centuries) of 7 volumed “History of Azerbaijan”.  Was awarded with “Glory” order by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in 2004.  Allah rəhmət eləsin!