Scientific events and publications
The library at the National Museum of the History of Azerbaijan has been operating since 1920. The people who created the Museum appealed to the representatives of the intelligentsia to replenish the created library. Among the first books received by the library were books on numismatics and epigraphy. There was also a reading room at the library. Personal collections from home libraries, book purchases, books donated to the Museum, books on the history of Azerbaijan from St. Petersburg, Moscow, magazines, and newspapers were an important source of replenishment of the library fund. The library fund, which was increasing from year to year, in 1936 amounted to 4,700 items, and by 1943 it reached 30,000. Prominent scientists such as E. Pakhomov, I. Jafarzade, M. Salamov, S. Kaziev, V. Leviatov, M. Kaziev, Z. Yampolsky, Z. Buniyatov, and others played an important role in the creation and replenishment of the library fund of the National Museum of the History of Azerbaijan. At present, the library fund comprises 84,534 items, of which 59,832 are books, 12,000 magazines and 12702 other materials. The library has 7 funds: books in Azerbaijani, Russian, Armenian, and Western European languages, a fund of rare books, abstracts and periodicals until 1917.