Special Fund

1690 exhibits (585 silver and 342 golden items and 763 golden coins) are preserved in the “Fund of Precious Metals” (present-time “Special Fund”) established in 1955. Most of the items being preserved in the Fund are male and female adornments, golden and silver archaeological items found in the territory of Azerbaijan (Shaki, Mingachevir, Nakhchivan, Beylagan, Gabala, Shamakhi, Aghsu, Baku, etc.), precious materials, golden coins as well as various household items (caskets, vases, saucers and so on) beloging to well-known people. A fragment of a lower mandible of an Azykhantrop, which is one of the most ancient and valuable exhibits of the Museum, is preserved in this Fund. In 2004, the first natural gold sample of Azerbaijan presented to the Museum under the Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was also handed over to the Fund.

The materials of the Special Fund were exhibited at numerous republican and international exhibitions, articles and booklets were published and speeches were made based on those materials. International exhibitions:

  1. 90th anniversary of Hero of the Soviet Union Mehdi Huseynzade. 29 December 2008.
  2. The Mugham world-2009. The exhibition in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan related to the International Mugham Festival. 17.03.2009.
  3. Baku is the capital of Islamic culture. 6 November 2009.
  4. The materials newly purchased for the Museum, restored and conserved. 28 January 2010.
  5. Ancient cultural center of Azerbaijan- Karabakh. 3 June 2010.
  6. Pearls of the Museum. 13 October 2010.
  7. The second life of exhibits. 23 December 2011.
  8. Arshin mal alan-100. 20 February 2013.
  9. “Azerbaijan- Magical Land of Fire” the city of Prague.

The following book-albums and catalogs were published on the basis of the Fund’s exhibits: Асланов Г.М., Голубкина Т.И., Садыхзаде Ш.Г. Каталог золoтых и серебряных предметов из археологических раскопок Азербай-джана, Баку: АН Азерб.ССР, 1966; the catalog “Gems of the collection of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan” (2010), scientific catalogs Rustambayova A.M. “Archaeological silver and golden items” (2013) and “Golden coins of Muslim East” (2020).

The Fund was headed by Nina Shahramanova (1955-1956), Pustekhanim Azizbeyova (1956-1967), Maya Atakishiyeva (1967-1995), Atiga Izmailova (1995-2005). Since 2009, the Fund has been leading by Afat Rustambayova. Since 2020, the foundation has been headed by Inara Muradalieva.