Fund of auxiliary historical materials

A new fund of the same name was established in 1998 based on the non-coins collection of the Numismatic Fund, which has been operating in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan since its creation. Badges, awards, stamps, banknotes, cards, personal belongings, etc. kept in the Numismatic Fund were given to the non-coins fund.  In 2009, the Fund was called “Phaleristics and Glyptics” and given the content of the collection in the Fund, it was renamed the Fund of “Auxiliary Historical Materials” in 2012.

Desktop memorial medals, orders, badges, tokens, and other signs are preserved in the Fund's phaleristics collection, which consists of more than 30,000 depository items. Seals belonging to rulers and well-known people of the different periods, postal and railway seals, Russian and foreign stamps are in the collection of Glyptics of the Fund.

Banknotes and securities of the South Caucasus, the Russian Empire, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the Soviet Union, the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as various Eastern and Western countries are preserved in the bonistics collection of the Fund.

There are Azerbaijani and foreign collections among Philately materials of the Fund.

Orders, medals and badges of the prominent scientists, doctors, educators, cultural and artistic figures, oil industry workers, deputies, workers, and other professionals are kept in the collection of special awards of the Fund.

The materials of the Fund are displayed in the Museum's exposition, local and foreign international exhibitions, and other cultural events. In 2013, a book-album “Banknotes and securities in Azerbaijan” was published based on the Fund's bonistics collection (designers: S. Gasimova and R. Ahmadov). In 2014, the catalog “Collection of Glyptics” was presented for publication, work on the book-album “Phaleristics in Azerbaijan” was completed.

At present, more than 32,000 materials are preserved in the Auxiliary Historical Materials Fund.

- 360 pieces in the "Glyptics" section.

- 2235 pieces in the "Phaleristics" section.

- 12,375 pieces in the “Bonistics” section.

- More than 17,000 pieces in the "Philately" section.

- 1016 pieces in the "Special awards" section.

The fund has been heading by PhD in History, Associate Professor Sanuber Gasimova, since 1998.